Thank you all who participated to the event in 2018! We are already planning for the next event in 2019 - stay tuned!


Inari Nightless Night - Instagrammers Outdoor Bash was held in Inari, Finnish Lapland, on June 29 - July 1, 2018. We are extremely happy with the event, and thankful to everyone who participated! We are already looking forward to next summer!

The arctic summer and the nightless night provides ideal conditions for an adventure where you get to dive into the secrets of social media and photography. And the best thing – with a group of people that share the same passion as you do.

This year we have gathered the best possible photography locations the summer in the far North has to offer. Looking for a clear lakes with some reflections or high lookout to shoot the layers of the fells that look good on Instagram? We got all this covered for you – with a taste of adventure and the knowledge of local culture. Check out the program here.


Summer in the far North of Lapland has no shortage of light or time. Because of the nightless night, the sun doesn’t set below the horizon at all, day or night. This means that the nights are as bright as the days and there are hours and hours of magical light. The light in summer is spectacular for photography – and with no hurry at all.

Check out amazing photos from the last Workshop on Instagram with hashtag: #inarinightlessnight

Photos: Juha Kauppinen

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