Add three social media influencers, photography, arctic summer and endless light and you get an adventure that you cannot experience anywhere else.

The arctic summer and nightless night provides the ideal conditions for an adventure where you get to dive into the secrets of social media and photography. The three-day event guides you through the informative parts and practical workshops towards the finale of the event, the Nightless Night Photo Marathon.

Nightless Night Photography Workshop is being organized for the second time in Saariselkä, Finnish Lapland, June 30-July 2, 2017. Your guides at this adventure are top experts in their own areas and each of them has an interesting story to share.

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Meet the Experts!

Christoffer Collin is a self-taught travel, landscape and lifestyle photographer from Sweden. Christoffer started on Instagram by taking photos with his smartphone just for fun back in early 2012. In four years, he has gained an incredible number of followers on Instagram and is now a Hasselblad ambassador.

Eeva Mäkinen is a photographer and wilderness hostess from Finland. Eeva loves to wander around the world and get inspired by places that are close to nature. For her, the most important thing is that the stories are worth sharing and she works as freelance writer and photography guide.

Jan-Eerik Paadar is a subarctic explorer and photographer based in Inari, Finnish Lapland. As an Inari Sámi, the lake is his mindscape and he believes that the best photos are taken in extreme conditions, when other photographers stay inside.


Summer in the far North of Lapland has no shortage of light or time. Because of the Nightless Night, the sun doesn’t set below the horizon at all, day or night. This means that the nights are as bright as the days and there are hours and hours of magical light. The light in summer is spectacular for photography!

Check out amazing photos from the last Workshop on Instagram with hashtags:

#inarinightlessnight #nightlessnight

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