The Travel, Landscape and Lifestyle Photographer Christoffer Collin

Cristoffer Collin is a self-taught travel, landscape and lifestyle photographer from Sweden. Christoffer started on Instagram by taking photos with his smartphone just for fun back in early 2012. It didn’t take too long until he gained a following of a couple of thousand people and with that his interest in photography just grew bigger and bigger. In four years, Christoffer has gained an incredible number of followers on Instagram and is now a Hasselblad ambassador.

“A year and a half after I started my Instagram account, the following had grown to nearly 400,000 and I started to get travel invitations and requests about branded work. I took a leap of faith and pursued my dream of becoming a professional photographer and haven’t looked back ever since.”

Your best tip for a starting photographer and Instagrammer?

C: Take a lot of photos. A lot. And post only the best ones. Quality over quantity always wins. Hashtags can work and so can socializing on other people’s feeds. But in general, the focus should be on actual photos. Look at other people’s photos for inspiration.

Your favorite spot to photograph in the Inari-Saariselkä area?

C: I have visited the area only in winter time and to be honest THE photo changes with the seasons and the light. It would be nice to capture beautiful golden photos where you can showcase the landscape in the best possible way. Maybe include a reindeer or two as well. Or some beautiful trees. Or a lake. Or a nice cabin. There are a lot of possibilities!

 To the fells or to the lakeside?

C: Both! But I am sucker for calm, small, reflective lakes during sunsets or sunrises…

 Learn more about Christoffer:

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