The Subarctic Explorer and Photographer Jan-Eerik Paadar

Jan-Eerik Paadar is a subarctic explorer and photographer based in Inari, Finnish Lapland. Jan-Eerik lives on the border of Hammastunturi Wilderness Area, where he runs a reindeer farm with his family. At first, photography was just a way to relax in the nature, but for Jan-Eerik photography and social media were soon becoming platforms to share his adventurous lifestyle.

“My family has always had brilliant storytellers, but I like to tell my stories through the camera lens. Through my pictures people get a piece of wilderness culture and my life in northernmost Europe, where conditions may get quite harsh at times. Social media, and especially Instagram, are a way to find people with similar interests.”

Your best tip for a starting photographer and Instagrammer?

J: Focus on a specific theme or genre so it’s easier to find your audience. A starting photographer will surely have to shoot a wide variety of things before finding his own path.

Your favorite spot to photograph in the Inari-Saariselkä area?

J: I love to move around and photograph in the vicinity of small rivers and ponds. Water has always been an important element for me and luckily I get to live in a place where we have loads of it.

THE photo you would love to capture from the area?

J: I’d like to photograph more in extreme conditions. The best pictures are taken when other photographers stay inside.

To the fells or to the lakeside?

J: Lake for sure. As an Inari Sámi, the lake is my mindscape.

Learn more about Jan-Eerik:

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