Eight Seasons to Come to Lapland – Photographer’s Paradise All Year Around

No matter if you are a winter or summer person, Lapland has a right season for everyone. The Sámi people in Lapland experience eight seasons a year. This means that there are at least eight beautiful periods to travel to Lapland and experience what each season has to offer. Bring your camera and get ready for the variety of vivid Autumn colours and soft winter tones in the sky, not forgetting all the experiences you’ll gain spending time in nature.

Photo: Eeva Mäkinen

The year starts and ends with the famous Polar Night. Blue and purple tones are often seen during the day and Northern Lights are shining through the sky at night. This season surely is pure magic, but wait – there is so much more to see in a year.

The Deep Freeze season continues while temperatures drop to -30 degrees. Extraordinary photos are taking place here. The world in Inari region looks like a fairytale and it sure is one not to miss.

After the first sunrise in mid-January the short moment of sunlight makes your heart race, the sun rises and in a couple of minutes it’s all gone. Did you catch it?

Blue and purple tones are turning slightly into yellow, orange and red. The colour range is unforgettable when the light reflects from the snow and shines straight to your lens.

In Early Spring the sun is warming up more every day and nature is starting to prepare itself for Spring Melt. Arctic birds are happily singing and flying around, making this season your best chance to capture them with your camera.

Harsh winter is finally over and you don’t need to worry anymore about frozen fingers or iced camera gear.

From the end of May the sun stays all night above the horizon and the nightless nights begin.

Nightless nights begin

Midnight sun offers countless possibilities to play with your camera. Find a lake with some reflections or a high lookout to shoot the layers of the fells. The environment looks and feels like a true wilderness when reindeers are enjoying their summer holidays and roaming free in the fields.

Photo: Eeva Mäkinen

You may end up searching for a perfect lookout near Kiilopää fell or Pyhä-Nattanen area. It’s a short hike to the top for both of these places but the landscape pays it all back in few seconds up there. On the way up you might even run into ptarmigan birds or reindeers, but be ready with your camera, they are fast to run away.

The annual Nightless Nights Photography Workshop is taking place here. Professional photographers organize this amazing opportunity for you to come and experience their favourite photography locations. This is a dream event for midnight sun seekers with special program to learn and experience the very best of it.

The midnight sun sure is a phenomenon that everyone should see at least once in their lifetime. Here in Inari region you have pretty much all summer time to come and look for it. Or have you seen it already?

Photo: Eeva Mäkinen

After the summer slowly fades away the Wild Autumn Harvest begins and berries start to ripen. You may end up spending days in the woods just eating all the delicious wild foods from nature, but be sure to get first some photos of them to share with the rest of the world.

As the last leaves change their colour from green to yellow, one of the most photogenic seasons starts – The flaming colours of Autumn.

This is the main season to go hiking as it offers a variety of possibilities for choosing your route and almost no mosquitos. The diversity of colours is breathtaking and your eyes might even get tired from staring at this magnificent landscape all day long.

One option instead of hiking through the fells is paddling down the rivers. The two main rivers in the area are Ivalo river and Lemmenjoki National Park. At both places you can rent a canoe and plan your own trip or hop on to a river boat and let it take you to the homelands of Lapland’s indigenous Sámi People.

Whether you choose to take either of these options down the river, you will find the surroundings extremely beautiful and peaceful. Yellow leaves are floating next to you while Siberian jay birds are watching you from the woods and waiting to get a taste of your snacks.

The river banks are full of exceptional campsites on golden sand beaches. The water looks black, but when you get a closer look at it you’ll find out that it is actually one of the purest waters on a planet.

These river banks are full of different colours. You’ll see orange leaves on the trees and the ground is red like fire. Small lakes and fells in the background are taking your soul to another planet. It’s easy to reach out to your camera and capture the flaming colours of Autumn in it’s true meaning.

Do not forget to bring your camera for this show.

Even though the leaves are falling from the trees in October, this month is still extremely photogenic. Late Autumn nature delivers you some unexplored beauty like morning fog and frozen berries. Open lakes and rivers offer you a chance to get the aurora reflected on a Northern sky. Some people say it’s one of the best seasons to be here.

Photo: Eeva Mäkinen

In the end, these eight seasons go by pretty fast and eventually it’s time to start waiting for the First Snowfall to cover everything again.

Text and photos: Eeva MäkinenIn the Far North magazine

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