Instagrammers Outdoor Bash – Five Ws and How

It’s all about learning from each other and spending some epic time together, with a group of people that share the same passion to outdoors and instagramming as you do.

What is happening and why?

Inari-Saariselkä Tourism together with local photographers have gathered our very favourite photography locations the summer in the far North has to offer. To be able to share these magnificent spots with all of you, we are organizing an event called Inari Nightless Night – Instagrammers Outdoor Bash. The finalized program has a taste of adventure and knowledge of local culture. Proper photography gear is recommended and good layers of clothing, as the program requires light trekking and outdoor activities.

Where and When does it take place?

Inari Nightless Night – Instagrammers Outdoor Bash is held in Inari, Finnish Lapland on June 29-July 1, 2018. That’s pretty soon! The event is organized for the third time, and this time in Youth and Holiday Centre Vasatokka.

How is this happening?

This is easy – Sign up and you’re half way here! You get to share your experience and learn from photography enthusiast like yourself. Being proactive will pay off, and you are likely to go home with some new tricks up your sleeve – and new like-minded friends!  Here are some tips for shooting during nightless night.

Who is involved?

Jan-Eerik Paadar


Jan-Eerik Paadar is a subarctic explorer and photographer based in Inari, Finnish Lapland. As an Inari Sámi, the lake is his mindscape and he believes that the best photos are taken in extreme conditions, when other photographers stay inside.

Eeva Mäkinen
Eeva Mäkinen is a photographer and wilderness guide based in Finland. Eeva loves to wander around the world and get inspired by places that are close to nature. The best thing she knows is to wake up from the wilderness in all of those spots that make you smile at the same second you open your eyes.


Eeva’s best tip for Instagram photographer rookie:Spend as much time in the nature as you can and make the stories worth sharing”

Daniel Taipale
Daniel is a professional photographer based in Finland. His passion for the nature and adventures can be seen through his stunning imagery. He travels the world in search of unique locations and diverse cultures, but has a special place in his heart for the landscapes in the Nordics.


Want to see your name here? Buy your ticket and join us! It doesn’t matter how beginner or advanced you feel, as long as you share the passion to adventurous life and story telling!

More questions? We have answers!

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