DAY 1 | Friday July 1

Download the program: NightlessNightEndlessLight_Program

10 am           Registration | Santa’s Hotel Tunturi auditorium

11 am           Welcome and Introduction | Lauren Bath

                      Coffee and tea

12 pm           Photography 101, a Basics to Photography | Lauren Bath

13 pm           Break

13:45 pm     Transportation from Santa’s Hotel Tunturi to Laanilan Kievari

14 pm           Lunch at Laanilan Kievari | Reindeer casserole, offered by the Workshop

Workshop in two groups:

  • Photography Workshop: Food Photography | Lauren Bath
  • Optional activity: Get to know the fascinating life of gold-panners, Gold prospector Paavo Holmisto, Ylä-Lapin Kivikulta Oy / Sateenkaarenpää

18 pm           Transportation from Laanilan Kievari to Santa’s Hotel Tunturi

19 pm           Optional dinner at your own cost

19 pm           Optional summer activities at your own cost

Activity suggestions:


DAY 2 | Saturday July 2

10 am           My Story – Animal Photography | Konsta Punkka | auditorium

11:30 am      Transportation from Santa’s Hotel Tunturi to Kakslauttanen

12 pm           Photography Workshop: Animal Photography | Konsta Punkka

Workshop in two groups:

  • Huskies and horses | Kamisak
  • Reindeer | Reindeer’s Travel’s

16 pm           Transportation from Kakslauttanen to Santa’s Hotel Tunturi

16:30 pm     Break

18 pm           My Story – Arctic Light and Landscapes | Pertti Turunen | auditorium

19:30 pm     Transportation from Santa’s Hotel Tunturi to Kiilopää

20:00 pm     Cultural Evening at Kiilopää, offered by the Workshop

  • Smoke sauna and swimming – Take your own swimsuit or rent it from the Kiilopää reception, price 5 €/ person
  • Pancake party at Turf Hut Maahinen

22 pm           Photography Workshop: Midnight Sun | Pertti Turunen | Kiilopää

2 am             Transportation from Kiilopää to Santa’s Hotel Tunturi


DAY 3 | Sunday July 3

10 am           Social Media Sessions and Networking | Lauren Bath | auditorium

11 am           Social Media Sessions and Networking | Konsta Punkka | auditorium

12 pm           Break, lunch at your own cost

13 pm           Instameet! Lauren Bath, Konsta Punkka and Pertti Turunen 

15 pm           Wrap Up and Q & A | auditorium

                      Coffee and tea

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