Nightless Night – Outdoor Photography Workshop takes place on the last weekend of June 2019 around Lemmenjoki area.

Welcome to the far North of Finnish Lapland! The home base for this event is Hotel Korpikartano in a small reindeer herding village called Menesjärvi, right by Lemmenjoki National Park. Lemmenjoki is the largest national park in Finland, as well as one of the largest roadless and uninhabited forest wildernesses in Europe. Inari village, the centre of Sámi culture in Lapland, is only 30 minutes drive away.

The program will take you through the very best photography locations that the vast wilderness of Lemmenjoki area has to offer. Experience the endless daylight and the pristine wilderness, that bathes in the light of midnight sun for over two months during the summer. And the best part, with a group of people that share the same passion as you do!

DAY 1: Thursday June 27th – Camping Crash Course, optional pre-program

Camping Crash Course is an optional part of the program, which is why Nightless Night 2019 has two possible starting dates – 27th or 28th of June.

Camping Crash course takes you through the basics of outdoor life and camping in 24 hours – all accompanied by a professional wilderness guide and like-minded campers. Excellent for outdoor beginners and for those who want to share a trick or two!

Start at noon at Korpikartano for lunch, from where the camping crash course will continue with a transfer and a hike to the camp spot for overnight stay.

DAY 2: Friday June 28th

End of the optional pre-program Camping Crash Course with breakfast and transfer to Korpikartano.

A new Beginning – start of the Nightless Night – Outdoor Photography Workshop with lunch at noon.

Workshops on outdoor photography and paddling in Lake Menesjärvi

End of the day with relaxed lakeside sauna and swimming with a pancake party by open fire in a kota hut.

DAY 3 – Saturday June 29th

Full day trip after breakfast to Lemmenjoki River and National Park. We will be traveling by riverboat, stopping at instagrammable spot such as the home stead of Kaapin Jouni and Ravadasköngäs Waterfall.  During the daytrip there will be photography workshops and outdoor lunch and dinner.

Experience the midnight sun at the top of Joenkielinen Fell. The walk is approximately 3 km / way, possibility to stay by riverside fireplace.

Back to accommodation with optional sauna and swimming

DAY 4 – Sunday June 30th

Breakfast followed by workshops around Menesjärvi and Hotel Korpikartano. Outdoor cooking and photography workshop and lunch by open fire.

Weekend wrap-up and goodbye until next summer!


Follow the event on social media: #inarinightlessnight #exploreinari


We reserve the right to changes. Some of the activities are weather-dependent, and cannot be guaranteed.

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