Welcome to the far North of Finnish Lapland! The home base for this event is located close to the village of Inari, in Youth and Holiday Centre Vasatokka.

The program will take you through the very best photography locations the far North of Finnish Lapland has to offer. Experience the endless daylight and the pristine wilderness, that bathes in the light of midnight sun for over two months during the summer. And the best part, with a group of people that share the same passion as you do!

DAY 1 – JUNE 29th

13:00      Opening and welcoming lunch
14:00      River rafting in the splashes of river Juutua, organized by Pro-Safaris
18:00      Dinner
19:00      Hike to the fell Otsamo. Experience the magnificent views of lakes Inarijärvi and Muddusjärvi as well as the Muotkatunturi fells.
23:30      Midnight lakeside sauna and campfire

DAY 2 – JUNE 30th

11:00      Lunch
11:30      Guided visit to Inari Reindeer Farm to meet the reindeer youngsters and newborns
15:00      Canoe trip in a wilderness lake and river.  Everyone will pack their dinners to be prepared at the fireplace in the woods. Note: dinner is not provided.
22:00      Special midnight cruise on lake Inarijärvi to Ukonkivi rock, which is a historical holy site for the local Sámi people. This cruise is organized by Visit Inari.
01:00      End the day with relaxed lakeside sauna and campfire

DAY 3 – JULY 1st

11:00      Breakfast
12:00      Weekend wrap-up, approx. 2 hours

Event venue: Youth and Holiday Centre Vasatokka, Angelintie 696, FI-99870 INARI

Buy your ticket here!

Admission fee: 155,00 eur

Including the program and transportation during the event, 1 x breakfast, 2 x lunch and 1 x dinner (see program). The admission fee does not include transportation to and from Inari, accommodation, snacks and insurances.

Accommodation: Book your accommodation directly from Vasatokka, using code “nightlessnight”.

Vasatokka offers hostel-rated, shared accommodation in cabins. There are 5 holiday cabins situated on the shore of Lake Muddusjärvi. Smaller cabins accommodate 7 persons and bigger cabins 10 persons (some bad places in loft). The price per person for 1 nights is 25,00 eur, total for 2 nights in 50,00 eur. The price includes bed linen, towel and final cleaning. The cabins are equipped with toilet, shower and kitchenette. One may also inquire private accommodation from Vasatokka for rack rates.

Follow the event on social media: #inarinightlessnight #exploreinari

Want to know more about the Midnight Sun in Finnish Lapland?

We reserve the right to changes. Some of the activities are weather-dependent, and cannot be guaranteed.

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